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Sree IT Solutions is a leading web development firm in Hyderabad, provides best-in-class web hosting services for websites and web applications. We host your website on the appropriate server based on your specific needs. Before we host your website, our experts test the server’s performance. The web hosting service is available in shared, virtual private server, and dedicated server configurations. With our efficient service, we ensure that the hosted website is easily accessible and that any issues are resolved. Our technical support responds to all of your web hosting-related questions and meets your hosting needs at a low cost.

What distinguishes Sree IT Solutions web hosting?


Sree IT High Speed and Performance Hosting

Technology-based on two platforms:

The web servers and storage area are on the same platform with Sree IT Solutions web hosting. Visitors to your website will benefit from faster performance as a result of this.

Scalable performance:

Do not let success catch you off guard. Face rising traffic by instantly scaling up memory, RAM, or parallel processing capabilities.

The HTTP/2 protocol:

Web servers that use the HTTP/2 network protocol with multiplexing and header compression for SSL encrypted traffic provide quick page load times.

DDoS protection for security: 

Sree IT Solutions distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection protects your website from incoming attacks and keeps it operational.

Make a backup and restore:

Backups of up to six days’ worth of data are stored automatically, allowing you to recover files from restore points if anything is deleted or lost.

SSL with wildcards and Site Sca: 

Each plan includes one free wildcard SSL certificate. Our web hosting expert also includes malware protection for added security. Site Scan scans your websites and protects you from threats and vulnerabilities.

Our cutting-edge technology:

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Network for content delivery:

Railgun CDN automatically distributes your website to over 60 data centres worldwide, ensuring that it loads quickly from any location.

App for mobile administration:

Install our hosting manager app on your smartphone or tablet to manage products and billing.

JIT compiler and PHP 8.0:

Our recent version of PHP, with a JIT compiler and a memory limit of 768 MB, brings innovation and future performance boosts for maximum platform performance. PHP Extended Support is also available for PHP versions 4.0 and later.

The advantage is you can count on us.

Our personal, e-commerce and small business web hosting can support traffic growth and offer plenty of resources and bandwidth, adding an unlimited number of domains and subdomains.
Our backup management is simple to use, DDoS attack protection (levels 3 and 4), and SSL support. Web hosting plans that are both advanced and simple provide excellent data security and performance.
Both of our hosting plans make it simple to configure and manage all of the services required to run your websites, such as DNS, FTP, and databases.
Level up:
We have resources CPU, memory, entry processes, and I/O ready for you when you need them, and we will notify you when you are getting close. Alternatively, you can keep a close eye on things by using our comprehensive stats dashboard. In either case, levelling up is a one-click process.
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Web hosting and maintenance

We provide domain registration and web hosting. Customers can select their business domains and the appropriate Windows or Linux hosting at a competitive price. We have gone as far as to ensure your setup is operational and that your renewals are managed regularly.


We have shared hosting, cloud-based, virtual private server, dedicated web server, and other available options.


Our web maintenance services are unique


We keep in touch and following up on renewals regularly

We make peak loading times for your web project

A faster server results in a better page:
As the fastest web hosting providers, you can give your online project a head start by hosting it with us. Our hosting results in a more pleasant visitor experience and fewer visitors leaving your page early.
Infrastructure that is georedundant:
We maintain your project’s online presence with 99.9% uptime and georedundant hosting services. Your data is replicated in two data centres, ensuring that your hosting remains operational even during maintenance and outages. Cutting-edge server-side security also contributes to your site’s uptime. To prevent DDoS attacks, we employ our server shield technology.
Performance management that is scalable:

 Because of scalable performance levels, we ensure you keep up with demand, and you can adjust your project’s performance at any time. Each additional level of performance costs a certain amount per month. You will get a mail notification as soon as your current performance level reaches its limit. The performance level can then be adjusted as needed.

Our in-house solution

Technical superiority:
Our passion and craft are developing smart in-house solutions and implementing cutting-edge technology. We were among the first to use Linux containers and pioneers in secure account isolation. We heavily customized this new lightweight virtualization method to meet our stringent security and reliability requirements. We implemented a custom that encrypts SSL integration for our clients as soon as it was available. Every day, our proprietary AI software prevents over several million brute-force attacks. And this is only the beginning. We never stop innovating to provide you with the best service possible.
Fully managed service:

We believe that Webhosting allows our clients to focus on their core business while removing hosting maintenance from their to-do list. We provide automatic WordPress updates that you can schedule or leave on auto-pilot. We use the most recent PHP versions, but you can switch between them. We enable static caching for your website, but you can easily disable it or add additional layers, such as dynamic cache and Memcached, to achieve the performance you desire.

Work with us:

 Sree IT Solutions hosting plans include everything you need to run a high-performance website. You get a great deal on your domain name, email address, and SSL Certificate. We offer the most affordable web hosting while also ensuring that you have a complete solution. Work with us to create and manage your website so you can focus on running your business.
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